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Our new website www.slattery.co.uk, has been in the making for the best part of 2015. We have worked hard with trying to produce a site that provides customers with a great experience online.

What we did not realise when we started this project is how important it is to be able to communicate with our customers on all different levels and avenues. With the launch of our site comes the new Slattery blog, allowing us to share with you all about the world of Slattery, how we are growing, what we are making and what we have learned.

Not everyone is aware we have had a current site online since 2012, selling a large number of goods for next day delivery and housing a massive catalogue of cakes for you to browse through and enquire about. We have transferred all this over and added a lot more, much to the dismay of our new web developer's First Internet!

We hope the new site allows you to see more of the Slattery we are, Slattery being online may not be new but with our brand new website, with sparkly new features such as online table reservations, convert your purchases into a hamper and more ways to communicate with you, it feels like a new era of the business has begun!

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