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We are now half way through the year and starting the busiest month for our wedding cake orders, we have created some amazing, unique and beautiful cakes so far this year.

This year the most popular colour is blush pink which works well with both Ivory and white iced cakes keeping it a traditional, vintage look. The second most popular would be coral for a fresh summer look.

Chocolate wedding cakes take a dip in the summer months, some do not want to take the risk of unexpected summer sunshine that could potential melt elements of the cake, others see them more as a winter style.

Our website is a library of cakes, with over 250 different wedding cake designs, however only 40% of customers choose a cake from our website with the rest bringing in ideas of their own. With the likes of Pinterest, google images & Instagram it has never been easier to find a cake to suit your wedding theme. We love creating new cakes, it helps keep us up to date with current trends and gives our cake decorators a new challenge!

We have also seen an increase in using real flowers on our wedding cakes, with the bride and groom ordering extra flowers with their florists or from our local supplier, to be used on their wedding cake design, although this is an expensive alternative to silk flowers the results are amazing!

The Mr & Mrs cake (half traditional wedding style iced with flowers and half novelty themed) has been another popular choice this year, with neither party having to compromise it's the best of both, we have made marvel comic, superman & Manchester United including FA Cup trophy versions!

We continue to work with all our couples to create a bespoke cake that matches their every want and need, from fillings and flavours to overall look.

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