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It felt like we were just getting over the Christmas holidays and then we were suddenly hit with Valentine's Day, Mother's day and Easter all at once!

Easter is a great; albeit busy time for us, our skilled chocolatiers work long hours making everything by hand, there is no factory machinery used. They get to experiment with new designs and make old favourites. We have 4 full time chocolatiers in the business and during busy periods like Easter we move staff around from other areas of the business to give them more support, this also allows these staff members to gain new skills.

Our previous year's most popular choice, the little yellow helper still made an appearance but for the children this year it seems dinosaur eggs was the must have egg, these are white chocolate shells mottled with green (lemon), dark and white chocolate and filled with chocolate dinosaurs!

This year adults got a treat with our boozy Easter eggs, 6" milk chocolate eggs with a hand piped white chocolate design and inside the egg a miniature bottle of alcohol such as Bombay Sapphire, Smirnoff Vodka or Jagermeister.

We get our inspiration from new films, toys, websites such as https://uk.pinterest.com/ and most of all from our customers who come in and asked for bespoke designs.

We always encourage people to come and asked for something new or different, it keeps us on our toes and we love to experiment, sometimes things aren't possible with chocolate but we will always try. Some new orders so far this year include a new chocolate bar with a radiator design, towel rail and company logo for Geyser to be used for their promotional activities, over 10,000 chocolate bars for the Easter extravaganza at Tatton park and also an inscribed chocolate plaque party invitation!

Throughout the year we use 50 tonnes of Barry Callebaut Belgian chocolate. In the run up to Easter we used 10 tonnes of this, that's the equivalent weight of a 40ft bus!

Our largest Easter egg was 30" tall (just under 2.5 foot) it weight 12.5 kilos which as the internet tells us is the same weight as the average 3 year old child!

For now the madness is over and we work towards the next projects, we have Father's day coming up and the ideas on gifts are starting! Also we cross our fingers for a sunny summer, where we can provide you once again with our take away afternoon teas to be enjoyed in the sunshine!

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